San Francisco 49ers Cuckoo Clock Wall Decor

Legends of the NFL, the beloved San Francisco 49ers have always given their fans something to cheer about, and the San Francisco 49ers Cuckoo Clock is the perfect way to amplify those champion cheers!

If you’re packed with team pride for the NFL-favorite San Francisco 49ers, it’s easy to show off your loyalty with this unique limited-edition collectible cuckoo clock or other great selections from our officially-licensed collectibles and jewelry.

San Francisco Cuckoo Clock Wall Decor

Price:$199.95 US



Officially licensed by NFL Properties LLC, it’s expertly handcrafted by experienced artisans for rich detail and meticulous quality, and hand-painted in the traditional 49ers colors.

This wall clock features the familiar San Francisco 49ers logo on the cuckoo clock face, plus another logo on the swinging silver-toned pendulum. At the top of every hour, a classic cuckoo bird wearing a 49ers helmet pops out of the doors at the top of the clock with a chirping sound

Full-color image of the 49ers iconic playing field, highlighted by the team name just below, and “Go 49ers!” just above, adds game-day spirit.

A precise quartz movement and decorative football-shaped weights put the finishing touches on this 49ers cuckoo clock.

Honoring the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, this collectible cuckoo clock makes a must have addition to your home and a great 49ers fan gift too.

  • Requires 2 “C” batteries and 1 “AA” battery (not included)
  • Edition limited to 10,000, so order now!
  • Measures 21″ H x 4″ D, including pendulum and weights; 53.3. cm H x 10.2 cm D
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