Indianapolis Colts Cuckoo Clock Wall Decor

Anytime is a great time to watch your Indianapolis Colts in action! Now, there’s a truly unique way to show off your love of Colts football with the Indianapolis Colts Cuckoo Clock.

Indianapolis Colts Cuckoo Clock Wall Decor

Price:$199.95 US



Officially licensed by NFL Properties LLC, this striking NFL football collectible wall clock is individually handcrafted and hand-painted for rich detail and quality in the traditional Colts blue and white colors.

The classic Colts horseshoe logo appears on the face of the clock and the swinging pendulum displays the iconic bucking horse.

A vivid, full-color image of the Colts playing field is shown front and center, adding game-day excitement, while a banner below proclaims “GO COLTS!”

At the top of every hour, a traditional cuckoo bird wearing a Colts helmet pops out of the miniature doors as that familiar chirping sound fills the air!

Boasts a precise quartz movement for accuracy and durability that powers the decorative football-shaped weights and swinging pendulum with the official Colts logo.

  • Makes a truly unique Indianapolis Colts fan gift
  • Requires 2 “C” batteries and 1 “AA” battery (not included)
  • Edition limited to 10,000 worldwide, so order now!
  • Measures 21″ H x 4″ D, including pendulum and weights; 53.3 cm H x 10.2 cm D
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